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Mike Harkins -- Creative Communicator

Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1884Story is everything.

I've observed and worked with a diverse range of clients and individuals, from the American Red Cross to Gatorade, USC Keck Medical Center to Michael Jackson, seen the best and worst communicators, and I know this: good storytellers make the world a better place.

By sharing stories in words and images, I'm hoping to make whatever positive impact I can, and by sharing what I know, I'm working to help other burgeoning storytellers do the same, whether their stories are about life, business, or play.

Specialties: personal communications coaching and training, writing, editing, and producing; expertise on the creative and production elements of successful media and communications projects; public speaking and public appearance training; video production and multi-platform media distribution; teaching new writers; author development; publicity and media relations.

I also provide creative communications design, media consulting, and writing services through Writesite.

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