The Way to Communicate
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The Way to Communicate is a practical and philosophical guide to understanding and building enlightened person-to-person communication skills in an increasingly technology-oriented world of personal disconnection.

Everything we do – how we interact with people, how we stand, how we look, what we say, how we say it and how we listen – communicates something about us at every moment. The Way to Communicate teaches how to tap into our core and build upon our inherent sense of humanity, empathy, and self-awareness to become a better communicator. From this philosophical foundation, The Way to Communicate then provides the mental, physical, technical and practical tools that enable anyone to markedly improve their personal communication skills, and effectively communicate any message in any person-to-person situation, from a one-on-one conversation to a presentation for a packed auditorium.

The Way to Communicate's messages are simple, wise, effective, and timely. By explaining how to understand and use shared life-experiences, how to develop and use greater awareness, and by providing an unprecedented collection of communication and presenting insights, readers follow a path that

- provides insights about effectively communicating in a world that increasingly facilitates replacement of personal interaction with technology

- reconnects people to the importance of and need for person-to-person communication skills

- introduces to current and next-generation professionals new and practical perspectives on why effective personal communication skills matter in and out of the workplace

- provides an unprecedented guide of behavioral, logistical, and technology information that communicators can directly apply to live presentation, personal appearance, and communication situations

- guides those who struggle to new ways to effectively present themselves and their message to any kind of audience.

Straightforward principles and the tenets of basic humanity, spiritual quests, and ultimate happiness, are the foundations of many enduring ‘ways’. Now, The Way to Communicate presents and explains a new ‘way’, one that great communicators inherently know and that our digitally over-connected culture needs: true communication must come from within. While the development and use of presentation, speaking, and people ‘skills’ do matter, our internal gatekeeper accepts or declines messages based on how we feel about the people delivering them.

The Way to Communicate presents a practical and philosophical way to connect with and develop the effective communicator in all of us, in and out of the workplace.

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