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Coaching for presenters, public speakers and for media appearances

Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1884Memorable presentations become visual stories through a compelling mix of presenter and visuals. It is acceptable that not everyone is a naturally gifted, dynamic speaker -- it is not acceptable to believe you cannot improve your public speaking skills.

I provide coaching to address all speaking and presentation issues, whether you need to refine your already well-delivered speech, or you need to slow your rapid heart rate, speak with power and volume, or learn how to feel comfortable and in-control answering questions under the intense glare of full stage lighting in front of a live audience.

I provide a full range of coaching and direction - to individuals and groups - whether you need a professional, confidential evaluation on your presentation style, insights about posture or appearance, or an intensive period of public speaking tutoring.
l also, when appropriate, incorporate my live event and video production experience into coaching, so that you have a better understanding of the environment in which you may have to speak. Familiarity and knowledge of the live event environment makes your surroundings less foreign and enables you to feel less like a a stranger in a strange world.

My coaching and consulting work is always professional, confidential and sensitive to every individual's specific situation. My clients include people from every profession, including politicians, CEOs, police officers, government officials and people seeking to expand their career opportunities by enhancing their personal communication skills, including appearances on network TV shows.

(image from Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1884)

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