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Design and production consulting

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Many attendees at a presentation hope to see engaging graphics and animations, informative content and great looking photographs. That's what they hope for, but the majority of presentations are loaded with the usual clip art, unfathomable charts and the ubiquitous bullet points.

If you've put the time and effort into creating what could be an effective story, don't diminish your efforts and story's impact by using run-of-the-mill visuals.

I evaluate every aspect of your presentation, from the layout and compostion of the slides to the relevance and impact of your graphics and pictures. If necessary, I can design and produce your entire presentation, or act as an art director and work with your graphics and design team.

My consulting services also evaluate your presentation's technical requirements and reviews of your presentation's venue, staging and production. Should you need to find and retain an event producer or A/V firm, my associations and relationships extend to producers who have successfully produced major events around the world.

image from Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms

used with permission,

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