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The Way bto Communicate

The Way to Communicate seminar

The Way to Communicate seminar is based on Mike Harkins' book, published by Portsmouth Publishing. Drawing from almost thirty years of writing, developing presentations and producing events for many of the country's most well-known companies, Mr. Harkins reveals a method for making anyone a better communicator, regardless of their profession or personality.

The Way to Communicate combines a variety of techniques from creative writing, engineering and acting to present a method for improving personal presentation and writing skills, and developing effective presentations in any media.

Mike is currently available for on-site, group seminars.



The Ten Design and Production Need-to-Know Insights seminar

The Ten Design and Production Need-to-Know Insights seminar is a great way for individuals, non-profits, small businesses and companies to learn about and avoid the most common design and production mistakes when developing and designing print campaigns, advertisements and collateral.





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